Everyone knows that if you follow a good diet and exercise regularly you will reach and maintain a weight that is right for you.

If only it were that simple.




Cravings are real feelings that make it hard to resist eating unhelpfully. Bad eating habits are hard to break. Sometimes there are deeper reasons behind our relationship with food.
Effective weight reduction and maintenance is achieved in hypnotherapy using facts and insight, suggestion and techniques that explore the unconscious mind.
Everyone is different and is treated as an individual. For most clients a series of 3 to 5 sessions is required for a lasting change.
More information on Hypnotherapy and weight loss:

Stop Smoking NOW ! Package

How would it feel for your next cigarette to be your last?

How much do you spend on smoking each month?
Are you concerned about health issues?
Are you ready to choose to become a non-smoker?
A smoking habit could be addressed in a single long session lasting approximately 100 minutes.

Habits, Phobias, General Anxiety, Poor Sleep Patterns and Performance Anxiety

Are you fed up with the same old responses?
Under hypnosis you can also break the negative patterns associated with anxiety and phobias and live your life how you want to live it.
Other treatments include: nail-biting, poor sleep patterns, performance and exam nerves.

Mind Massage

Life can be stressful and Hypnosis is incredibly relaxing. Anxieties melt away; issues can be addressed easily rather than being muddled. Your body will feel less tense too.
A single mind massage session can help you attain clarity, reduce nervous and muscular tension and generally feel more positive.
Mind Massage can be an enjoyable and useful experience in its own right, or an exploratory introduction to hypnotherapy.

Pain Control


Pain can feel like you are living with a monster. But that monster can sometimes be effectively managed.

Although hypnotherapy can’t cure, it can help reduce your experience of pain and give you some control.


I work at the Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Canterbury.  I also have an interest in working with any clients with long term conditions. Hypnotherapy, expecially combined with other techniques, can be effective in managing some symptoms and helps give control back to the individual.
If you would like to find out about reduced rates specifically for people wanting help with pain control, or the management of long term or chronic illness please email Karen at info@eastkenthypnotherapy.co.uk  or call 07971 167050 to arrange a time to discuss your individual case.


Exam Nerves

You’re working hard, but anxiety and nerves are threatening to spoil your performance on the day.

Hypnotherapy can help keep you focused on your revision and keep you calm when it counts.



A small amount of stress is normal, but our bodies and minds aren’t designed to experience stress all the time.
In the long term stress can lead to problems such as high blood pressure, depression, increased risk of stroke, panic attacks, stomach ulcers and relationship difficulties – not to mention feeling generally unhappy.
Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and find ways to manage stress levels, or enable you to recognise and understand the changes you could make for a calmer life.


At East Kent Hypnotherapy you will receive a creative approach. This is individual for each client and uses methods based on the latest research. You will be listened to in confidence and with empathy. Decide now to take control of your tomorrow.

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